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By entering any of POP Montreal online platforms, you consent to our Code of Conduct.

POP Montreal has a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of discrimination and racism, and is dedicated to inclusivity and gender equality. If you witness any harmful behaviour, please let us know at

  • Harassment of any kind will not tolerated.

  • Please respect the rights and identities of your fellow festival-goers. We ask you to respect an individual's pronouns when stated in chat spaces.

  • Be mindful or what you say. What you see as a joke may be hurtful to other people.

  • Do not type in all caps: it signals yelling.

  • Do not troll. Please do not post for the sole purpose of angering other members or intentionally causing negative reactions.

Thank you, and see you in the virtual space.

The POP Montreal team wish you a great festival.